You could make the lives of pets at the shelter better each day by:

Walking and exercising dogs

Play with and socialize cats

Helping to keep kennels clean

Working with Humane Society staff in the office

Participating in fundraising programs

Conducting service projects to benefit the Humane Society

Showing animals to families who want to adopt a pet

Pickup food from participating local merchants for the animals

Participating in offsite adoptions

And much, much more...


Welcome OSU students!! We are thrilled you are interested in making a difference in the lives of homeless animals by volunteering or visiting our shelter.

Due to the large number of requests we receive each year for onsite student activities, we have put in place guidelines to help our organization run more efficiently and ensure your group’s goals are achieved during your visit to our shelter.

We are Happy to announce our new Volunteer system is up and active!

This means we will no longer allow volunteers to "drop in" to volunteer. You are required to register online before volunteering. Just fill out the Liability Volunteer Waiver and after you click agree and submit you will receive and email that allows you to set up an account on our new Volunteer Services Page.

We are VERY excited about the new process!! All of the Service hours will now be online so you will be able to access the total number of hours that you have completed on line. As Always, we LOVE our Volunteers so Thank You!!

ALL VOLUNTEERS WILL BE REQUIRED TO SELF SCHEDULE ON OUR VOLGISTICS VOLUNTEER SERVICES PAGE. (If you are not scheduled when you come to the shelter, you will not be allowed to Volunteer.)

Groups wishing to volunteer or complete a service project at the Humane Society are always welcome! If your group is interested in scheduling a project or volunteer hours at the shelter, please email volunteer@hspets.org.